Saturday, June 30, 2012

Avengers Nails

When Marvel's new film was coming to theaters my sisters were very excited!  They're fans of the other Marvel films and got me to watch them.  I decided I wanted to be like Nick Fury and make my nails my own team of Avengers!

For this one, I took some time to come up with a simple design for each nail to represent each Avenger.  Since I was planning to do the same 5 Avengers on each hand, I had to cut one of the Avengers from the film (sorry Black Widow)! 
Here is what I created in Word when I was coming up with what I planned to do!


After having my sister confirm these designs would be okay to represent each Avenger, I got started!

First I painted each nail it's appropriate color and let them dry.  For the thumb that was going to be the Captain America nail, I put tape on the top half of the nail and then painted the rest in blue.

Afterwards I used thin brushes and hand painted the designs on each nail.  For the thumb I removed the tape and then painted the rest of the design in.  It took some time- some of the nails took a couple tries! Here are my Avengers!

 Here is what each nail represented!
Thumb= Captain America
Index Finger=  Hulk
Middle Finger= Iron Man
Ring Finger= Thor
Pinkie= Hawkeye

This was probably my favorite manicure I've done so far!  It started a lot of fun conversations with people who asked me about them!  They lasted a long time too (2+ weeks)!  I was a little sad when it came time to remove them!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue/Black Grid Nails

This next manicure was a quick one I did a few months ago.  I had painted my nails in a light blue that I really liked but felt it needed something else.  I grabbed my black polish that came with a thin brush and started drawing lines on my already blue nails.

They weren't the straightest lines but in the end I liked them!  It sort of reminded me of Tron and the Grid!  I sent a picture of them to my sister and she said they reminded her of Mystique from X-Men which made me like them even more!  I hope to try this again sometime with straighter lines!
Here are a couple more photos of them.  Duffy the Disney Bear jumped into the photos so he could show off his paw too!

I think Duffy's paw has mine beat!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Purple And Silver Glitter Nails

I thought I would start off with what I did with my nails recently! Especially since it included glitter which always reminds me of pixie dust!  My family gave me some pretty purple polishes for my birthday so I really wanted to make use of them.  I was going to Vegas that weekend so I decided I'd use the purple with the purple glitter polish I had gotten.  The color was really pretty and I liked the result!

I felt it needed something more though so I decided to add some more sparkle with a silver nail that would hopefully bring me some luck while playing the slot machines in Vegas!  I used a coat of silver colored polish and then topped it off with OPI's Rainbow Connection polish (from their Muppets collection).

I was really happy with it!  It didn't bring me the luck I needed to win the big bucks in Vegas but at least they looked pretty good!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My name is Nerissa and I love all things Disney! For my wedding last year my sisters and cousin did my nails. My toe nails had blue with some sparkle and I really loved how it reminded me of pixie dust!  A little while after the wedding I started dabbling in doing my own nails and trying out different designs. It became a hobby and while I'm definitely not a pro and am still learning, I thought I would share my nail art here!  I plan on doing the 31 day nail challenge soon so I plan to chronicle that here as well!  Thanks for reading!

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