Monday, August 20, 2012

Sleeping Beauty- Maleficent Nails

Last week was my friend Hope's birthday!  Because Sleeping Beauty is her favorite, I took up her suggestion for Maleficent nails as a surprise!  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to paint the dragon version of Maleficent but I think it came out pretty well! 

For those who are unfamiliar with Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is the villain who curses Princess Aurora.  At the climax of the film Maleficent transforms into a large dragon which is the version of her that I tried to paint.  (You can see Maleficent as a dragon in my favorite show at Disneyland -Fantasmic!)

Maleficent Dragon in the movie Sleeping Beauty (Source: Wikipedia)

Maleficent in Fantasmic (personal photo)

To do this mani, I started out with purple and black on my nails.

Afterwards I freehanded the dragon and fire onto my nails.  It took a little while but I think the result was worth it!  Hope seemed happy when she saw them too so I think the results were successful!  :)

After my friend's birthday party I took a quick photo of my nails outside the Lego Store at Downtown Disney!  They have Maleficent on top of the building! 

I hope you enjoyed this manicure!  Thanks again to Hope for the idea and happy birthday!  :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend Update- Glitter nails!

Last week was a long one and towards the end of the week I really wanted a little getaway!  So on Friday, my husband and I made plans to make a day visit to one of our favorite places, the Hotel Del Coronado!  It's right on the beach and we can get some delicious breakfast there!
On Friday night, I decided I wanted a new mani and pedi for our trip!  I've been meaning to look over the glittery polishes I own so I decided to just try them ALL on my nails.  It's probably a little overboard but I thought it would look pretty and shiny in the California sun! I tried to pair some of my solid color polishes with them too.
I made a bit of a mess while I did it but after I cleaned it up it looked okay!  All the different colors were fun to look at the next day!  I've mentioned it before but glittery polish always reminds me of pixie dust so it makes me happy to wear it!  

Here are the glittery polishes I used (excluding the solid colors):
Thumb= L.A. Colors- Color Craze Nail Polish "Jewel Tone"
Index Finger= NYC 105 "Starry Silver Glitter"
Middle Finger= OPI "Absolutely Alice"
Ring Finger= OPI "Rainbow Connection"
Pinkie= Sephora by OPI "Traffic-Stopper Copper"

I also did my toenails on Friday night because I really love seeing my polished toes peek out of the sand when I'm at the beach!

It was a really nice getaway and I think my nails fit my mood that day quite well!  It was so hard to leave! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Epic Mickey Nails

I am really excited to share this one!  For this mani I used Disney's Wii game, Epic Mickey, as inspiration!


My husband and I are big fans of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!  In fact while we were dating we saw a men's shirt with Oswald on it.  I bought it for him and he joked that he would propose to me in it!  Sure enough a year or two later, he happened to be wearing it under a jacket when he popped the question! When we heard about Epic Mickey we were really excited since Oswald is a big part of it!  (There's a second one coming out that we're just as excited for!)
I've been wanting to do a design inspired by the game for a little while and finally decided to try it out last Sunday!
I'd been sketching ideas on paper and finally settled on this one which I recreated on the computer.  I left out the thumb.

First off I painted each nail the corresponding color.  For the ones with Mickey and Oswald's shorts, I put tape on the top part of the nail and then painted the bottom of it black.

Once the black polish was completely dry, I removed the tape and put new strips of tape on the painted part of the nail and filled in the rest.  After that my nails looked like this:


For my thumb I painted it white.  I had been thinking of trying to paint Mickey's paintbrush on there but at the last minute I had the idea of doing the game's logo instead. 

Here are all of the completed nails together!

Thumb= Epic Mickey logo
Index finger= Mickey's shorts
Middle finger= Oswald's ears
Ring finger= Mickey ears
Pinky- Oswald's shorts

So those are my Epic Mickey nails! I was happy with how they came out and kept them all week! I think my husband liked them too because yesterday he was playing the Epic Mickey game again!

Happy weekend everyone!
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