Friday, August 3, 2012

Epic Mickey Nails

I am really excited to share this one!  For this mani I used Disney's Wii game, Epic Mickey, as inspiration!


My husband and I are big fans of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!  In fact while we were dating we saw a men's shirt with Oswald on it.  I bought it for him and he joked that he would propose to me in it!  Sure enough a year or two later, he happened to be wearing it under a jacket when he popped the question! When we heard about Epic Mickey we were really excited since Oswald is a big part of it!  (There's a second one coming out that we're just as excited for!)
I've been wanting to do a design inspired by the game for a little while and finally decided to try it out last Sunday!
I'd been sketching ideas on paper and finally settled on this one which I recreated on the computer.  I left out the thumb.

First off I painted each nail the corresponding color.  For the ones with Mickey and Oswald's shorts, I put tape on the top part of the nail and then painted the bottom of it black.

Once the black polish was completely dry, I removed the tape and put new strips of tape on the painted part of the nail and filled in the rest.  After that my nails looked like this:


For my thumb I painted it white.  I had been thinking of trying to paint Mickey's paintbrush on there but at the last minute I had the idea of doing the game's logo instead. 

Here are all of the completed nails together!

Thumb= Epic Mickey logo
Index finger= Mickey's shorts
Middle finger= Oswald's ears
Ring finger= Mickey ears
Pinky- Oswald's shorts

So those are my Epic Mickey nails! I was happy with how they came out and kept them all week! I think my husband liked them too because yesterday he was playing the Epic Mickey game again!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Hi, I like the steps you took for this manicure. It was well thought out. They look really fun and I like the first picture! I think I'm going to try to let my nails grow out and try one of your ideas!:)

    1. Thanks Bianca! Let me know which one you try! :)

  2. This was such a cool idea! I love the way they came out. :D

  3. I probably won't try this myself but those are pretty cool. See if you can get Carly on board.


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