Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doctor Who- Dalek Inspired Nails

Here's what I painted on my sister's nails!  She is a fan of Doctor Who and has me watching it too.  It's fun to watch!  After a failed attempt at painting the TARDIS on her nails, I decided to give her Dalek inspired nails instead (don't worry- I'll try the TARDIS again sometime!)

For her Dalek nails, I painted them a metallic silver color then painted dots on them that lined up. Here's the result:

Here's a picture of a Dalek:

Source: Wikipedia

The nails are inspired by the lower half of it.  All this talk of Doctor Who has me wanting to watch another episode!  Have a good rest of the week!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Water Marble Nails

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving last weekend!  I was able to spend mine with my family in Texas and while I was there I painted my sisters' nails.  I'll share some of what I did for their manicures later this week but first I want to share what one of my sisters did with my nails!  She had learned about how to water marble nails recently and wanted to try it out so I volunteered.  The result was awesome!

I'd read about how to get a marble effect on your nails and had always been curious about how it worked. My sister did a great job! She got a cup of water and dropped a couple drops of polish into it.  Then she used a toothpick to make cool designs in the polish. Once ready I put my nails that were already painted in white polish through the design.  It was really neat!  I will have to try this sometime and take more pictures of the process.

Didn't my sister do great?  I've been rocking these nails all week!  Thanks to my sister for showing me how to do water marble nails! 

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