Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Once Upon A Time Poster Nail Art

I’m really excited to share this nail art I did recently.  I had a couple requests for nail art inspired by the TV show Once Upon A Time so a couple weekends ago I went for it!  I love the poster that has Emma in the midst of the purple smoke that is bringing magic to Storybrooke so I decided to use it as inspiration.  Here is the result!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Nominated for A Magical Day Award!

I have some happy news.  My nail art has been nominated for “Best Disney-Themed Makeup/Manicure 2012” on a blog called 'A Magical Day'.  You may remember my Maleficent inspired nails from last year.

I did this design for my friend’s birthday and I’m really happy they are getting some love!  If you’d like to vote for my Maleficent nails please go to:


and then vote for "Maleficent Nails by Pixie Dust Nails"!

To vote you use your Twitter or Facebook account.  Note that if you want to vote anonymously that you need to check that box first before you click on your choice.

Honestly I’m a little torn because I adore one of the other entries in my category.  Melanie is a friend and she had her makeup done by Fairytale Hair and Makeup- the same company that did my makeup for my own wedding.  I think they have some super talented people there!  So if you secretly don't want to vote for me (like if your name is Aurora or Phillip and you have something against Maleficent or dragons) then please give your vote to Fairytale Hair and Makeup for their ability to make every bride feel like a princess!

My voting technique for these awards is usually voting for whoever has the least votes because I really just want everyone to win somehow.  This year I do have a lot of friends who were nominated including several of this blog’s readers (did you see that adorable penguin dress?!) so please show them some love too!  Please stop by my friend Mindy’s blog Budget Fairy Tale to read about all the Disneyland nominees!  She has a good guide!   Also- she was nominated for Best Overall Disney Wedding in 2012 so please vote for her too!  I went to her wedding and it was wonderful!

Thank you for your support! <3  And a big thanks to anyone who nominated me!  I was surprised to see my nails on there and feel really flattered to have been nominated at all!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dapper Dans Inspired Nail Art

A couple weekends ago I went to Dapper Day at Disneyland! Dapper Day is a day where many people go to Disneyland dressed in their finest!  I went last year as well and while I was there I got to meet the Dapper Dans! 

It was so neat to get to get a photo with them that I decided to use the Dapper Dans as inspiration for my  Dapper Day nail art this year!

As you can see I painted my nails to match the Dapper Dans’ attire!  I used these colors and they seemed to match quite well!

L.A. Colors- Color Craze Nail Polish- Tropical Breeze
L.A. Colors- Color Craze Nail Polish- Sea Siren
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
OPI Off With Her Red!

I painted each of my nails one of the colors and then used the white polish from a Kiss Nail Artist kit to paint stripes so that it would look like the pattern on their jackets.  On my thumb I painted a stripe of each color sort of like a rainbow!

My friends seemed to pick up on what inspired my nail art right away so I was really happy with how my nails came out!  Here they are on Dapper Day!

I took a lot of photos of my nails but not so much with my whole outfit so I’ll share this photo to give you an idea on what my dapper apparel looked like that day!

Dapper Day is a a fun day to visit a Disney park so if you ever get a chance to go I highly recommend it!  If you want to read about my Dapper Day experience be sure to check out my Dapper Day recap on So Disney!

What do you think of my dapper nails?  I really liked how colorful it ended up!  I may have to do this design again sometime!
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