Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad Nail Art

Tonight is the Breaking Bad finale!  In honor of the show, I painted my nails to match!

I went on Pinterest and found lots of ideas!  There is some amazing work on there!  I used a lot of those ideas as inspiration.  I must admit this design was hard!  It took me two tries to paint Heisenberg on my thumb and I'm not the best at painting letters but I think in the end it came out okay!

In addition to Breaking Bad nail art, we also made some Breaking Bad inspired margaritas!  I'm sipping on one right now as I wait for the finale to start!

We used Blue Curacao to make the margarita blue and added a bit of blue food dye to some salt to rim the glass in order to make it look a bit like Walter White's blue meth on the show.   The margarita is yummy!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I'm off to watch the finale!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pop Century Tie-Dye Nail Art for the Disneyland 10k

Recently my husband and I completed the Disneyland 10k!  We both wore our Pop Century shirts for the run so I painted my nails to match!  Here's what I came up with:

Pop Century is a resort at Disney World where different sections of the hotel are themed to different decades from the 50s to the 90s. We stayed there on our honeymoon last year and enjoyed walking around looking at the fun and colorful decor.

On my thumb I painted the word "Pop" using red and yellow like it is on the resort's sign.  For the rest of the nails I decided to do something different.  When I think of Pop Century, I remember the tie-dye cheesecake we enjoyed while staying there so I decided to try to do a tie-dye design. 

I looked around on Pinterest for ideas on how to do the tie-dye.  I found a tutorial on the blog "The Crafty Ninja" and used that as a guide.  I painted my nails with white polish first.  Once it dried, I painted stripes of a few different colors onto the nail and then while it was still wet I dragged a toothpick through all the colors.  It wasn't exactly the effect I wanted but I was still happy with it especially since I was a bit pressed for time. It was messy and I got paint everywhere so I had to do a lot of clean up once my nails were done but I think the result was still pretty good!

It was fun to have cheerful and colorful nails at the 10k.  Plus I think they went with my outfit well!  I even found a headband at the runDisney Expo that matched my nails!  I bought it and wore it at the 10k.

Here are me and my husband during the 10k!

Team Pop Century!

We did it!

I was so happy we completed the Disneyland 10k!  It was a great experience!  Here's one last photo- my nail art with my shiny new medal!

Want to read more about my 10k experience?  Check out my recap on my blog So Disney!:
So Disney! - Disneyland 10k Recap
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