Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Orange Bird Nail Art and Outfit

This past Sunday, I went to Dapper Day at Disneyland!  After my last post, I was determined to wear an outfit inspired by something Disney and to paint my nails to match.  After going through my closet, I decided to wear a look inspired by Orange Bird from Disney World!

I already had an orange dress I bought last year that I still hadn't worn.  I don't usually wear orange and was unsure about it but using it to DisneyBound as Orange Bird seemed like the perfect excuse to give it a try!

I found a fake flower I had lying around and cut off its leaves so I could add them to my black hat.  (Does the hat look familiar?  It's the same one I used when I dressed like Anita for Halloween in 2012.)

After grabbing my Orange Bird necklace and some greenish shoes from my closet, I had everything I needed for my outfit! Next up was the fun part- my nails!   Here's the completed look!

To do my Orange Bird nails, I picked out an orange nail polish, Sally Hansen "Sun Kissed," and painted all of my nails that color.  Then I painted Orange Bird on my ring finger.

I used our Orange Bird sipper we have at home (as seen in the first picture) as a guide and with a dotting tool I painted white ovals for his eyes.  After it dried I added the black dots.  I used a toothpick to paint his eyebrows and then used another toothpick and some yellow polish to paint his beak.

His beak was hard to do!  My first attempt was his beak at a different angle but that didn't work at all so I went back to the sipper and used that as a guide for the beak also.  Next I got some green polish and added green to the tops of all my nails.

In the end I liked the result and I think our Orange Bird Vinylmation did too!  (btw- can you tell how much we like Orange Bird?)

I had a fun time at Dapper Day and enjoyed wearing this outfit!  I even got interviewed by some folks from the Disney Style blog with my friends.  They got a close up of my nails- not sure if they'll ever use it but I am flattered that they thought it was worth getting a shot of!

Here are some pictures from around the parks that day!  I'm sharing a detailed recap on my other blog, So Disney, so make sure to check it out to read more!

With the stylish Phyllis Herman! I had total glasses envy!

Fastpasses make any manicure look fabulous!  ;)

Rosita's Margaritas make them look pretty good too!

For my fellow Doctor Who fans-  look who I found at the park!  This guy was an awesome 10th Doctor!

With @TheDoctor_Tennant.  Allons-y!

I'll end with one of my favorite photos of that day!  My husband was busy in the morning but he joined me at Disneyland later on and surprised me by wearing his Orange Bird shirt.  Yay-  I love when we match!

So that was my nail art and outfit for this year's Dapper Day!  What do you all think? 

Want to read more about my Dapper Day experience this year?  Make sure to check out my recap on So Disney!
Dapper Day Spring 2014 Recap- Part 2 (Coming soon!)

For info on upcoming Dapper Day events, be sure to check out DapperDay.com

Saturday, February 22, 2014

10 Nail Ideas for your Disney Dapper Day Outfit!

Dapper Day at Disneyland is tomorrow!  Dapper Day is when Disney fans go to the parks dressed in their finest and a lot of times their outfits are inspired by their favorite Disney character (often referred to as DisneyBounding!).

So do you have your outfit picked out yet? I think that nail art is always a nice finishing touch! Check out this list I put together of some nail art to match your Dapper Day Disney Bound!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's a Small World- Hearts Nail Art

I have some more hearts nail art to share with you all today!  If the pattern looks a bit familiar it's because it was inspired by what you could call a very obscure Disney character.  Can you guess who?

If you guessed the jaguar in the ride It's a Small World then you got it (and I'm really impressed because I don't think I would have even guessed it)!

On "it's a small world", you ride through many different countries including a rainforest in Brazil.  The rainforest section is my husband's favorite part of the ride and I still remember how sad we were when there were rumors that they were going to get rid of it when they did the refurbishment in 2008.  Luckily it's still there although it seems a bit smaller.  It was around that time that we ended up decorating one of our bathrooms with a It's a Small World RAINFOREST theme.  So when we saw they had the stuffed animal jaguar from it for sale at the Disney Store, we decided to add it to our collection.

I really love his heart-shaped spots and when I was trying to think of some Valentine hearts to paint on my nails- he came to mind! 

I like how it turned out especially since the bright yellow is so cheerful.  I got several compliments on them and my hubby even wanted me to start carrying the jaguar around so people could see where the pattern came from!  I didn't carry him around (he a little too big for my purse) but I got some pictures with a friend of his at Disney California Adventure on the day I was wearing yellow and purple to match.

Now that I probably have the "It's a Small World" song in your head, here's a video from the blog, Theme Park Insider, that has a video of the ride.  You can spot jaguar and his rainforest section at around 8:10 in  the video.

What do you think of my Small World jaguar nails?  Do you remember the jaguar from the ride?

I hope you all enjoyed today's nail art and in case I don't have time to post again before the weekend- Happy Valentine's Day!

If you are interested in getting your own It's a Small World stuffed animal,  they currently still have some for sale on the Disney Store website!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blue and White Heart Nails

Since Valentine's Day is this coming week, I'm going to share some heart nail art that I did last August while my husband and I were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of when we first met.

Blue is both of our favorite colors so I used blue polish and then some white polish to paint a heart on one my nails.  The white polish I used was older and in bad shape so it definitely didn't turn out as planned but I sort of fixed it by using a toothpick to add some white shading around the heart.  I also added some glitter polish (pixie dust!) to a couple of the other nails.
My nails are uneven because I had broken a nail but I still tried to make them look their best!  :)

It's kind of funny how when I first started this blog, it felt like I didn't have enough content and would post my nail art the same week that I painted it.  Somehow over the last months I started painting my nails more often than I was able to post so now I have several photos of different manis I still need to share.  This is one of those!  Hopefully I'll get around to sharing the rest soon.  It has been fun to look back at nail art I had forgotten about!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Belle Inspired Nails

Today I have some more Disney nail art to share.  This one is special to me because it was inspired by my favorite Disney movie and because my youngest sister gave me the idea.

For Christmas, my husband gifted me some AWESOME nail polish... Burberry polish!  We wore Burberry shoes for our wedding so the polish was a great surprise.  It came in a gold box and was in the cutest bottle that had the famous Burberry check on it.

He picked a pretty gold color called Light Gold (No. 107).  I thought it would be perfect for New Years so I tried it out right away since New Years Eve was coming up.

Burberry polish

I added some gold glitter polish that I borrowed from my sister to the top part of my nails.  A couple days later that same sister told me that it reminded her of Belle.  I looked at my nails and saw exactly what she was talking about!  As soon as I got back to my apartment from my trip to see family, I painted a rose on my thumb to complete the look.  I love how it turned out!

I had this nail art on my nails around New Years but I think it would be great for February too.  I think they have sort of a romantic look.  Here's one last picture of my nail art with a lovely birthday gift I got from a friend of mine!

Thanks to my little sister for the idea!  She and my other sisters all inspire me everyday!  <3

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