Friday, October 9, 2015

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2015 Round Up

After finishing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, I thought it would be good to do a round up post where I share a bit about my experience.  As I've mentioned, I used a combination of brand new nail art created specifically for the challenge and nail art I had done in the past that I hadn't shared before.  My main goal was to post daily for 31 days.  You can see all my posts for the challenge at this link:
Here's a look at all the nail art together...
Despite using some nail art that I had already done, it was a tough challenge.  I truly admire those people who paint their nails AND post daily on top of their busy schedules- I don't think I could manage it!  There were a couple days where I didn't post but I usually did it the next day and still finished 31 in 31 days so I feel like I accomplished my goal!

I think the most challenging part of it were those long days when I wanted to be lazy once I got home but I had to stay up to either post or paint my nails (or both!) instead.  I also had quite a lot of nail art that I needed to do in a hurry.  Often I'll paint my nails one day then add the nail art on the next so I struggled a bit having to do it all in one evening.  I also found it hard to remove nail art so quickly after I'd done it!  I usually give it a week or so especially if I really like how they look.  My sunflower nail art was especially hard to remove so soon because I was so fond of them.

Sunflower Nail Art

I was happy I did the challenge because it was fun to set out a mission and achieve it!  I don't know if I'm necessarily better at nail art than I was when I started, but I think I still got some things out of it.  I tried a few nail art techniques such as water marble and half moons that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.  I think I got a little better at posting quickly and I was able to fill up my new Instagram account a bit too!  I also saw a lot of great nail art online of other people doing the challenge.  It's definitely inspiring and awesome to see how creative people can be!  I also pushed myself to do some posts ahead of time so that I could keep up with the challenge while I was visiting Disney World.

Epcot Galaxy Nails

There also some fun moments during the challenge.  One of the highlights for me was when I posted my nail art that was inspired by fashion made by Amanda Valentine of Project Runway.  Amanda Valentine (@valentimes) actually liked and commented on my nail art on Instagram!  It definitely made my day!

Yeti Nails Inpsired by Fashion

It was a fun 31 days!  I'm not sure if I'll do the challenge again next year but we'll see!  I plan to try to continue to post more regularly so I think the challenge definitely helped with that.  My favorite nail art designs that I shared for the challenge were my sunflower nails and my EPCOT galaxy nails!  I also really liked my yellow nails and nails inspired by a song.  Which were your favorites? 


  1. Yaaaay, that's so cool that you finished the challenge! I admire your tenacity. My favorites are your water marble nails, yellow nails, pineapple nails, and your sunflower nails.

  2. I did my nails last week and they're looking terrible now and I'm dreading having to remove the paint so I really don't know that I'd have the patience to do it every day. Good for you though! I think you rose to the challenge. How cool to get a shoutout from the Project Runway contestant. I stopped watching it so I didn't know who you meant, but I still think it's neat that she bothered to like and comment on your art. How often do we tag people and never get acknowledged? So that totally rocks! My favorites would be the Tigger, the Epcot one pictured above, and the Once ones. I'm sure there are more but I'm just catching up so I'll have to go backward and comment on them. :)


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