Why Nail Art?

I thought I would share a list of reasons of why I love nail art!  Here goes:

* It's like painting a pretty picture and displaying it on the fridge... only you can take the fridge with you everywhere! 

* I can't wear my favorite t-shirts to work but luckily I can wear what I want on my nails!  With nail polish I can discretely sport my Mickey ears while in my work attire! 

* I get to be creative which is AWESOME.

* It's an affordable hobby (as long as I'm smart about my nail polish spending!)

* It gives me something else to talk about and share with my sisters and mom!  I love doing their nails whenever I get to see them.  

* I find it very relaxing!  I focus on my nails and for a while I let go of any troubles or stress from the week.

* It reminds me of happy events.  I had family do my nails for my quincenera/sweet 16 and for my wedding as well!

* Nail polish names!  Seriously, sometimes they make me giggle! 

* I love that it sometimes makes people smile when they notice the design I have on my nails. :)

1 comment:

  1. I agree with all of these reasons:) I think it's great you can express yourself in a fun way that makes other people happy too. I always look forward to your posts and seeing what you think of next!


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